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Suho was born in Seoul, South Korea. He lives in Apgujeon, Seoul with his family. He revealed that he was in the list of top 50 students in his school. He was also the vice-chairman of his junior high school; however, he dropped his position after being cast by S. Suho became a trainee through S. Suho was officially introduced as the 10th member of EXO on February 15, In January , he starred in S.

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Jin: Lee Guk Joo (rumors of her dating an idol began to surface & people Kisah Nekat Sasaeng ini Terjadi pada EXO, BTS, Kim Heechul, SEVENTEEN, Wanna One, G Dragon dll – Duration: Suho’s Sasaeng Rion Announcements. Kim Yeoshin is planning her next crazy act: To kill a popular idol in

He is the leader of the boyband EXO, where he has the lead vocal role. He is also well known because of his impressive personality — he is a perfectionist. He is a very polite person. He has come from a rich family and he loves to play golf when he has free time. The group made its official debut on in April , 2 months after Suho became a member. Jenny Kim is the name of an ex-girlfriend that he dated back when they were trainees at SM entertainment.

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Suho, whose real name is Kim Jun-Myeon, is a renowned singer, songwriter, and actor from South Korea. His name does not sound new as he has been gracing the television screens as a musician or an actor for several years. Suho rose to fame when he joined the EXO band. Together with the group, they have released several albums and extended plays. Suho was born on May 22, in Seoul, South Korea.

He is the second born in the family, and he has an elder brother.

The news that EXO’s Baekhyun is now dating Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon is creating Publiished: Jun 20, – before joining EXO-K in a stark contrast to EXO-K leader Suho who had trained for seven years.

The truth about Sunny’s love life has been kept under wraps until now. She told the girls: “I’ve dated a celebrity before. But just because he is a celebrity it doesn’t mean that our relationship was uncomfortable. In the world of K-pop, to admit to dating someone is big news. To admit to secretly dating a celebrity? Massive news. Lee and Nana then asked her how Sunny and her beau had time to date each other.

Even when breaking up with him, she tried to salvage the relationship by holding his hand and asking: “Can we not break up? Skip to main content.

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As comes to a close, moonROK editorialist Katie Evans takes a look back on the year in K-pop, and forward to what the future of the industry might bring. For those of us who avidly follow celebrity culture, there are certain patterns to the news cycle. The average K-Pop fan knows that, like clockwork, an entertainment company will face a lawsuit each year. But who would have guessed, in , that B. At large, this was the story of in K-Pop—the names changed, but the headlines stayed the same.

Exo’s manager thought Suho was dating because of Jisoo (note: Jisoo is a name that Is commonly given to females) – popular XingMi_ 18 mar

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Over , Smash Bros. K-pop’s bad boys definitely deserve a spot on your playlist. In Seok Jin’s idol career many rumors have linked him to some female K-pop stars. My English is not the best so sorry for the mistakes. Tukard-M-Ine; minetukard; tukard.

Jul 02, · Taemin and NaEun spotted dating in Myeongdong! Jul 13, · SHINee’s Lee Tae Min will find himself becoming a virtual husband to EXO ‘s Kai and Suho as well as non-celebrity Kwon Nov 24, · On the November.

In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. The two were spotted in the same car together. When the posts gained some major attention, SM Entertainment made the announcement that the two were in fact dating. In some shots, the male in the car could have been anyone but this photo clearly showed that it was Baekhyun. They said that the two had started off as close friends and had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship but over time that had developed into something more.

The two were also spotted looking like they were about to kiss! The news came as a big shock and the couple received a lot of congratulations. Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy schedules.

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Duckie Choy. Shes a hardcore EXO-L she used to be a sasaeng, not proud about that and shes still friends with many sasaeng, mainly exo sasaeng. Here’s Taeil and Johnny’s Fans have become increasingly concerned for the safety of NCT Dream’s Chenle after a series of posts by a sasaeng fan made its rounds on Twitter. If we ever happen to reblog content from sasaengs, please let us know so we can take the post down, and so we can add that sasaeng to our block list.

They used to meet together at cafes and Restaurants. Not only has our second-youngest member been targeted in a terrifying manner, but there has been very little to no awareness of it happening within our community.

On February 15, , Suho was introduced as the tenth member of EXO. In February , Suho became an mc of popular music show Inkigayo alongside.

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Rumored to be Dating, What’s Up with EXO’s Suho and Red Velvet’s Irene’s Relationship?

Meanwhile, Suho was scouted by an SM Entertainment Manager who discovered him on the street and became trainee in , and debuting as a member of EXO in They have several things in common, one of them is they are the leaders of their respective groups. More than that, they were also born in the same year, , have small faces and have very fair skin. Keep reading! Their core fans refer to this couple as Surene, which stands for Suho and Irene.

EXO’s leader, SuHo paired with APink’s leader, ChoRong? That’s one fantasy couple who nails it in the visual department. The SuRong ship first.

Exo-K’s leader, Suho, was the first member to join SM Entertainment, after a successful audition through the company’s casting system in Email This BlogThis! BTS themselves have been extremely successful as well, both in terms of popularity and profit. What is his net worth? Who is the richest EXO member? He might not be the highest-paid member of EXO, but Kai net worth is a figure many people would only dream of having. Combined with eight album releases, multiple endorsement deals as well as a continued stay as the most popular K-pop artist ever, it is no wonder that Psy As exo gets more popular their net worth as a group is said to be around million usd which is more than one direction s net worth.

We reveal to you the most informative celebrity news and keep you updated with information regarding their fortune, salary, worth and wealth. He earned his fortune from the albums and the singles he released when he was associated with the South Korean band. After gaining the limelight from the band, he got the opportunity in a Christmas animated movie named Saving Santa as Bernard. He first becomes the trainee in the Exo band and after some times of struggle, he appointed as the fourth member of the Exo band.

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